14u - 2024 team

14u 2024 is looking to add one more pitcher and one more athletic player to our roster. See our program details below. Go here to request a private tryout.


   14u - 2024 - Playing all PGF & TCS events

Most of our current roster has played together for over one-year. We are looking to add

another strong, hard-working pitcher and athletic position player.

   We train on-field 3-days a week and our players have a choice to train up to 2-days a week with our personal trainer, Coach Duane Carlisle. Coach Carlisle has trained thousands of Collegiate Athletes in his career. He assesses and develops programs based on the ongoing needs of our Cal Rays’ athletes.


   At Cal Rays we also have our Sports Injury Specialist,

Dr. Max Petersen, helping our athletes stay healthy with

preventative care training and keeping them on the field

with his cutting edge sports injury care.

   Both, Coach Carlisle & Dr. Petersen are in the same facility just five minutes from our Cal Rays’ practice field in San Jose, CA.

   Proven vision training systems are also incorporated into our Cal Rays workouts.

   Every serious athlete looking to get to the next level needs an expert trainer, a sports injury specialist, and an attentive coach.

   Register now and find out if the Cal Rays' environment is for you!


Cal Rays 12U Fall 2018 Champions

Swinging 4 A Cure

Cal Rays 14U 2018


Cal Rays 12U

2018 PGF Nationals

Cal Rays 12U Champions Swinging for a Cu
Cal Rays 12U 2018 PGF Nationals.jpg

Cal Rays 12U Bownet Runner-Up 

Cal Rays-Brandi 14U Runner Up

Cal Rays 12U USSSA Champions 

Cal Rays 12U NSA Fall Pac West Championships Runner-Up 

Cal Rays 14U Second Place.jpg
BLD champs.jpg

Cal Rays-Coy 12U Runner-Up 

Cal Rays 12U  USSSA Runner-Up 

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Cal Rays - Coy 12U.jpg
Cal Rays 12U BLD 1.jpg

Cal Rays 12U at the 2018 PGF Nationals - Watch our Bracket Play Games Below

Cal Rays 8 - Corona Angels Tyson 7

2018 PGF 12U Nationals

Cal Rays 2 - NW Bullets 3

2018 PGF 12U Nationals

Cal Rays 0 - San Jose Sting 1

2018 PGF 12U Nationals

Cal Rays 12U PGF Events